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The Istanbul Social Challenge Project

The Istanbul Social Challenge Project is an extraordinary summer program designed for high school students interested in Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Social Responsibility and who want to make a positive change in their community.

By actively participating in a 5 day real-life project, you will discover your talents, get into action, share experiences, and move forward with the skills developed to become a Visionary and Socially Responsible Leader in your community.

Make a positive change in your community this summer. 
Get ready for the Istanbul Social Challenge Project!

Discover your talents
- Assess your skills, talents, and goals
- Participate in interactive case studies
- Meet other students who share similar interests
- Explore creating a business based on your talents 

Get into action

- Get into teams
- Choose your social issue project
- Brainstorm innovative and creative solutions
- Create an action plan
- Get into your community and implement the project
- Make a positive change

Share experiences & gain insight
- Share your team experiences
- Measure the positive change made by your project
- Discuss and receive feedback on strengths and areas for improvement
- Gain insight and develop your business skills: teamwork, leadership, time-management, creative-thinking, goal-setting, and presentation skills

Move forward

- Learn how to apply knowledge gained at ISCP for future entrepreneurial projects
- Discover how to write an effective business plan
- Learn about Target Market Evaluation, Financing, Marketing and Social Media
- Determine the key factors that create a sustainable business
- Explore the strategies top companies use to stay successful and become leaders in their field


Hosted at:
Istanbul Bilgi University - Santral Campus

Student Accomplishments from the Istanbul Social Challenge Project 2012

The Istanbul Social Challenge Project 2012 was hosted at Istanbul Bilgi University in June 2012. Thank you to all the ISCP 2012 Students, Keynote Speakers and Sponsors for a wonderful week of learning, leadership, entrepreneurship and bringing awareness to 3 social issues in Istanbul. Your positive energy, enthusiasm, and motivation during the ISCP were outstanding.

Check out student accomplishments and projects from the Istanbul Social Challenge Project 2012 on the Young Leaders Projects Facebook Page.

ISCP 2012 Keynote Speakers

Keynote Speaker on Social Entrepreneurship
Cat Jaffee, Social Entrepreneur and Founder of Balyolu

Keynote Speaker on Financing for Entrepreneurs
Cem Mimaroğlu, Entrepreneur & Country CEO, Wrapp Turkey

Keynote Entrepreneurship Panel Member
Doğan Taskent, President of Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Turkey and
Partner at Arkan & Ergin Corporate Finance

Yoga for Personal & Professional Life


Celebration of Social Entrepreneurship partnered with Ashoka
40 young social entrepreneurs from Ashoka ChangemakerXchange and YLP students celebrate social entrepreneurship

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The Istanbul Social Challenge Project 2011

ISCP 2011 Keynote Speakers

Keynote Entrepreneurship Panel Member
Endeavor Türkiye

Keynote Speaker on Social Networking
İsmail Haznedar
Vice President, Junior Chamber International (JCI)

Keynote Speaker on Social Entrepreneurship
Melih Özsöz
Social Entrepreneur & Co-founder of çop(m)adam

Stress Management for Personal & Professional Life


Making a Positive Change Musical Guests
Harikalar Diyarı


The Istanbul Social Challenge Project 2010

The first Istanbul Social Challenge Project (ISCP) was held in July 2010 at the Robert College Alumni Association - Bizim Tepe.  The Istanbul Social Challenge Project is an innovative summer camp for high school students on leadership, entrepreneurship, and social responsibility.  Students from different high schools in Istanbul attended ranging from Robert College, ENKA, Uskudar American, St. Pulcherie, Eyuboglu, and MEF Schools.  Students were challenged to plan and implement a social responsibility project in Istanbul in only 2 days of the full program!

More about the Social Challenge Projects:

The first team worked on an awareness campaign focusing on the abilities of the disabled. They created 200 flyers with empowering statistics of disabled people who achieved extraordinary accomplishments. The team handed out flyers and spoke to citizens in Besiktas, Taksim, on the Metro, Sisli, Kadikoy and Bahariye with the mission: "There is no difference between me and you". Many shopowners in Kadikoy posted the flyers on their store windows to support the project. The team also visited and interviewed several people at the Fiziksel Engelliler Vakfi (Foundation for the Physically Disabled), including Cemal Donat, an Attorney of Law. This interview helped them gain more insight in to the issues of the disabled. Students created a video from their 2 day experience and posted it on social media sites including Facebook.

ISCP student and shopowner posting a flyer in Kadikoy.

Flyer - front

Flyer - back

The second team focused on an awareness campaign on waste management and the environment. They contacted the Besiktas Municipality and were invited to go on the 'Deniz Supurgesi', the Sea Vacuum while it cleaned the garbage in the Bosphorus. The team learned that plastic was polluting the Bosphorus. They created a video to document their experience on the Deniz Supurgesi and posted it on social media sites including Facebook. On the second day, the team was determined to bring awareness to the negative environmental effects of plastic. The team ordered and picked up 200 reusable cloth bags and distributed them to citizens in Kadikoy while informing them of the importance of using reusable bags.

ISCP students distributing cloth bags to citizens in Kadikoy.

Career Discovery Program 2012 - Creative Emerging Careers

The Career Discovery Program 2012 - Creative Emerging Careers was hosted this year on
February 18-19 and February 25-26, 2012 at Istanbul Bilgi University.

The Career Discovery Program (CDP) is an interactive weekend program designed for high school students to gain insight into five creative emerging career paths, participate in leadership, teambuilding & innovative-thinking activities, develop a real-life Career Discovery Project, and receive a one-on-one session with a Career Consultant to discuss education and career goals.  The Career Discovery Program is conducted in English.

To add to the CDP experience, students then have the opportunity to go abroad and attend a University Summer High School Program at one of CDP partnered universities.

What career are you interested in?
- Learn about these five career paths:
o Journalism, Architecture, Product Design, Film & Directing, Social Media & Marketing
- Engage in discussions with highly successful Guest Speakers who share career experiences and important career tips

Interactive career activities and team project
- Participate in interactive career activities and learn the fundamentals of each career path
- Take part in leadership, teambuilding & innovative-thinking exercises
- Understand what it takes to be successful in a career path with your Team Career Discovery Project
- Project Presentation Time!

Individual career counselling session
- After completing the CDP, meet one-on-one with an experienced Career Consultant to discuss university education and career goals
- Identify careers that match your talents
- Talk to your Career Consultant about which summer program is best for you
- Receive professional guidance to apply to a Summer High School Program at a CDP partnered university

University Summer High School Program Partnerships
Participate in a 3-4 week University Summer High School Program in the U.S
- CDP is partnered with Summer High School Programs at:

o Columbia University
o New York Film Academy
- Live the University experience abroad!

Career Discovery Program 2012 Keynote Speakers

Surprise Opening Keynote Speaker on Social Entrepreneurship
Matthias Scheffelmeier
Ashoka Turkey

Keynote Speaker on Architecture
Gökhan Avcıoğlu
Architect & Founder of GAD Architecture

Keynote Speaker on Film & Directing
Ertuğ Tüfekçioğlu
Director of Direk Aşk, Selection for Festival de Cannes Court Metrage Short Film Corner 2011, winner of several international awards and Partner of Califa Productions

Keynote Speakers on Product Design
Tamer Nakışcı, 2011 Red Dot Product Design Winner
Meriç Kara, Product Designer

Keynote Speaker on Social Media & Marketing
İpek Karadağ
Portals & Operations Group Coordinator, MedyaNet

February 18-19, 2012
Career Discovery Program
February 25-26, 2012
Career Counselling Session
Summer 2012
University Summer High School Program Abroad (Optional)
Main Sponsor:
Environmentally-friendly bag Sponsor:
Hosted at:
Istanbul Bilgi University - Santral Campus
Career Discovery Program 2011

Young Leaders Projects in partnership with Columbia University, University of Bath, and New York Film Academy hosted the Career Discovery Program on February 26-27 and March 5-6, 2011 at Kadir Has University.

With the Career Discovery Program (CDP) students learned about six main career paths: Medicine, Engineering, Law, Business, the Arts and Entrepreneurship, learned from Guest Speakers who shared their career experiences and tips, participated in leadership and teambuilding activities, completed a team Career Discovery Project and received a one-on-one education and career counselling session. You can see the team Career Discovery Projects on the Young Leaders Projects Facebook page.

To complete the CDP experience, students had the opportunity to go to a Summer Program at a CDP partnered university - Columbia University, University of Bath, New York Film Academy.

Career Discovery Program - Guest Speakers

Opening Keynote Speaker
Özlem Denizmen
Strategy Vice President, Doğus Grubu and Host of ParaDurumu on CNBC

Career Discovery Project Keynote Panel Member
Cüneyt Yavuz
General Manager, Mavi Jeans

Musical Speakers
Harikalar Diyarı
İrem Derlen, Lead vocals
Nafi Bensusan, Guitar and back-up vocals
Metin Levi, Guitar

Meryem Banu Ergün, Opera Singer, Istanbul State Opera

Theater Speaker
Dr. Çetin Sarıkartal
Professor of Theater, Director of Theater Department
Kadir Has University Fine Arts Faculty

Engineering Speakers
Hüseyin Gökcan, Lead Engineer, GE Aviation
İpek Özaydın, Materials Application Engineeri, GE Aviation
Medical Speaker
Dr. Erdal Bozdoğan
Oncology Department Manager, Lilly Pharmaceuticals

Law Speaker
Mübeyyet Özgen
Law Director, EMAAR Properties

Entrepreneurship Speaker
Kutlu Kazancı
Co-founder of We-decide and successful entrepreneur